What Does GB Mean in Basketball?

Statistical Representation

    The division leader has the most wins and fewest losses of any other team. The leader always has a GB represented by --, which means the team is zero games behind. A team with fewer wins and more losses may have GB figure of 6, which means it is six games behind.


    If two teams have an equal number of wins but different numbers of losses or vice versa, then statisticians use half-game stats in the GB category. So, if division-leading Team A has 10 wins and three losses and Team B has 10 wins and four losses, Team B is a half-game behind Team A represented by GB: 1/2.


    Statisticians keep GB statistics for each division and conference in a league. A team may be leading in its division, but GB: 3 in the conference.


    Games-behind statistics are important for determining postseason tournament participants and schedules for championship games.

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