Golf Grip Solvent Alternatives


Re-gripping your golf clubs can be a tedious task, but every now and then it is necessary. If you plan to re-grip your own golf clubs, the one thing you don't want to do is drive all the way to a golf pro shop just to buy some golf grip solvent that you can probably find in your garage somewhere. You would be surprised to know how many alternatives to golf grip solvent happen to be common household items; some of them are even safer than traditional golf grip solvents. In addition, there are other alternatives to using golf grip solvent at all.

Lighter Fluid

One alternative to store-bought golf grip solvent is lighter fluid, which happens to be very similar to what golf grip solvent actually is. Lighter fluid, however, is the most toxic and dangerous kind of golf grip solvent alternative you can choose. Even though it works well, you may be looking for another substitute that is less harmful. If you decide to use an old can of Zippo lighter fluid you have sitting around the garage, be sure to re-grip your golf clubs in a well ventilated work space away from open flames.

Nail Polish Remover

An outstanding substitute golf grip solvent is nail polish remover. The main ingredient in nail polish remover is acetone, so that means you can use paint thinner just as easily as you can use nail polish remover. Acetone is less toxic than most golf grip solvents and definitely less flammable, but the fumes can be just as dangerous, so be sure to re-grip your golf clubs in a well-ventilated area and avoid smoking cigarettes and any open flames.

Mineral Spirits

Mineral spirits also work great as an alternative golf grip solvent. A mild form of petroleum distillate, mineral spirits are much less volatile and toxic than either lighter fluid or acetone. Used to degrease and clean machine parts and remove the paint from paint brushes, mineral spirits are a healthier alternative to other solvents like turpentine. There is also an odorless form of mineral spirits that has had aromatic solvents removed. Even if using the odorless form of mineral spirits, be sure to work in a well-ventilated workspace with no open flames.

Water Based Grip Tape

Another alternative to golf grip solvent is to completely think outside the box and use water based grip tape. This kind of grip tape is a little more expensive, but removes the need for any kind of solvent because the tape is water-activated. The steps for re-gripping are the same, except that you use plain water where you normally would use solvent. Nothing is less toxic than water, so this is a good substitute for using golf grip solvent.