How to Replace the Grip on a Graphite Golf Shaft

If you use a golf club long enough, no matter how well you take care of it the grip likely will need to be replaced.

Whether it’s an accumulation of sweat from your hands, a damaging accident or just routine wear and tear, the day will come when you need to re-grip most, if not all, of your clubs. Re-gripping a club with a graphite shift is basically the same as re-gripping any other club, but a key precaution must be taken.

  1. Place the club in a vise that has a protective rubber insert to avoid damaging the graphite shaft. You can purchase a special golf club vise or insert from a golf retailer. Clamp the club toward the grip side.

  1. Cut off the old grip with a utility knife, but be careful not to scrape the shaft.

  2. Use a knife with a hooked blade or a similar protective device. Scraping a graphite shaft can damage and weaken it.

  1. Remove the tape from beneath the grip, preferably by hand.

  2. Use a hair dryer to melt the adhesive on any of the tape you can’t pull off. Be sure to remove all the tape. Apply mineral spirits with a wash cloth to remove any remaining residue

  1. Cut a grip-length piece of new double-sided grip tape. The tape must be long enough to cover the entire grip area.

  1. Fasten the tape to the shaft.

  2. Apply a wide piece of tape vertically, straight down the shaft, then wrap it around the club. Or wind thinner tape around the shaft in a spiral pattern, covering the entire grip area, including the opening on the end. Leave a bit of space between the spirals so you don’t cause any ridges. Peel off the outer protective layer of the tape.

  1. Place a pan or paint tray under the grip area.

  2. Cover the hole in the butt of the grip with your finger or a tee. Then pour an ounce activating liquid, such as mineral spirits, into the new grip. Cover the open end of the grip with your thumb and gently shake the grip so the inside is completely covered with the fluid.

    1. Slip the new grip onto the club. Pinch the open end, if necessary, to fit the opening onto the graphite shaft. Be certain the new grip’s butt cap is flush against the end of the shaft.

    1. Look at the grip’s alignment aids, which should line up with the bottom edge of the clubface.

    2. Adjust the new grip if necessary so it’s aligned properly. Allow the grip to dry for at least 30 minutes.