Good Ideas for Rewards for When You Reach Exercise Goals

Woman getting massage

Setting goals is a great way to keep yourself motivated and knowing there is a reward at the end of your fitness journey can really help keep you focused. Pick small rewards for short-term goals and bigger rewards for long-term goals. Turning up at the gym three-times a week for a month does not really warrant a two-week Caribbean cruise whereas losing 100 pounds warrants something more than a new pair of sweats. Match an appropriate reward to the completed goal.

Have a Massage

Exercising is good for you, but it can also take a lot out of you, too. After weeks or even months of working toward your fitness goals, you may find that your muscles and joints are tired and sore. Treat your body with a massage to help restore your muscles to their normal, healthy state. There are different types of massages you can try, from Thai to sports to Swedish to hydro. Each is very beneficial, relaxing and enjoyable.

Update Your Exercise Wardrobe

If you have been working out in the same old sneakers and tired training clothes for the last few months, why not spice up your exercise wardrobe upon reaching your fitness goals? New training shoes, a bright workout top or snazzy shorts can make you feel really good and possibly make you feel more motivated to workout. You could buy an entire outfit all at once when you've completed a mid-level fitness goal or a single piece of new clothing when you've attained easier goals, for example.

Book a Fitness Weekend

Hotels and resorts often host special fitness weekends. These weekends could include anything from spa packages to personal training to a variety of group exercise classes. Some fitness weekends feature celebrity trainers and may also include lectures and presentations to educate and motivate you. Book a fitness weekend with your partner, friend or relative so they can help you celebrate your fitness achievements.

Exercise Gadgets

Exercise gadgets, such as MP3 players, heart rate monitors, pedometers and so on make for great fitness goal rewards. Not only do they give you something to look forward to, they can also play a part in reaching future fitness goals. Gadgets don't have to be expensive either. As technology improves, you can pick up some useful exercise gadgets for as little as $20.00.

Enjoy a Treat Meal

Many fitness goals involve following a strict diet. Upon reaching a certain fitness goal, you could reward yourself with a treat meal during which you can enjoy some of the foods that have been off the menu for the last few weeks or months. While you should be careful not to overindulge and undo some of your good work, there is no reason that you cannot enjoy some otherwise "forbidden" foods -- in moderation of course.