Hardest Uneven Bar Tricks

Hands of gymnast hanging on bar

The uneven bars are perhaps the hardest gymnastics apparatus to master. A gymnast requires great core and upper body strength, flexibility and an ability to swing with power. Although this event can be difficult for beginners, advanced gymnasts throughout the years have performed incredible, jaw-dropping skills in competition. The International Gymnastics Federation -- or FIG -- has given some of these elements an F or G value, which are the two hardest values in the elite gymnastics Code of Points.

The Kim

The Kim, named after North Korean gymnast Kim Gwang-Suk, is a skill in which the athlete swings forward on the high bar, releases her body from the bar and flips forward in a counter somersault with straddled legs. She then catches the high bar again in a reverse grip. This element has an F value in the FIG's Code of Points.

The Def

Named after French male gymnast Jacques Def, this is a skill in which the athlete will swing forward on the high bar, release her body from the bar and perform a backward somersault with straight legs, twisting 540 degrees on her axis only to catch the bar again. The FIG considers the Def a G skill, the hardest value there is.

The Gaylord

The Gaylord, also called the Mo, is named after both American male gymnast Mitch Gaylord and Chinese female gymnast Mo Huilan. To perform this skill, the athlete must swing backward, release the bar and flip forward 520 degrees with her legs in the tucked position. This release move is also a G in the FIG's Code of Points.

Double Twisting Double Back

To perform a double twisting double back dismount, a gymnast must swing forward, release the high bar and flip backward 720 degrees while also twisting 720 degrees on her axis -- and then landing on her feet. When done in the tucked position -- that is, with bent knees -- this skill is called the Fabrichnova, named after Soviet great Oksana Fabrichnova. When done in the layout position -- with straight legs -- it's called a Ray, after American gymnast Elise Ray. The Fabrichnova has an F value. The Ray has a G value.

Triple Back Dismount

The triple back dismount is so hard very few female gymnasts have attempted it. The gymnast must swing forward, release the high bar and flip backward 1,080 degrees -- that's three rotations in the air in the tucked position. The FIG has given the triple back a G value.