The Best High School Wrestling Pin Moves


A wrestling pin move is the maneuver that wrestlers use to place the opponent's shoulder to the mat and secure his body, pinning the opponent and ensuring victory. These moves are the methods used by professionals as well as amateurs, such as in high school wrestling. Learn the popular pin moves to improve your wrestling skills.

Half Nelson

The Half Nelson is a staple wrestling pin move that high school wrestlers use to pin an opponent when he is lying on his stomach in a flattened position. To perform, take one arm, place your arm across your opponent’s head and grab the arm of the opponent that is opposite your own. Take your other arm, place between the opponent's legs and lock your fingers of both hands together. From here, move the opponent into the pin position.

Chicken Wing

The Chicken Wing is an effective way to pin an opponent when he is lying on his stomach in a flattened position. To perform, hook your arm through your opponent's arm and pull his arm back and to the side, much like a chicken wing. Keep your arm bent at a 90-degree angle while driving your opponent's elbow into his chest. Using your legs, fling your opponent into a circle until you are able to flip him onto his back. As the opponent lies on his back, release the chicken wing and begin to apply the half nelson in reverse. Next, you can move your opponent into the pin position.

Cross-Face Cradle

The Cross-Face Cradle move causes extreme discomfort to your opponent and allows you to place him into the pin position when he is in a crouched position. To perform, take your arm, bring it across your opponent's head and grab the triceps that is opposite the arm you are using. With your free hand, bring your opponent's leg upwards and lock your hands together. This position also allows you to force your opponent to concede, or give up, the match.

Three-Quarters Nelson

The Three-Quarters Nelson is an effective way to pin an opponent when he is on his hands and knees looking down. To perform, hook the bottom man’s ankle with your leg. Next, take your hand and reach under your opponent's arm while placing your forearm across the base of your opponent’s neck. In this position, lock your hands at the wrist and apply pressure in a downward motion to force your opponents head under his shoulders. With your free leg, fling your opponent around and flip him over into the pin position.