How to Do a Lateral Drop

The lateral drop is a takedown move employed in wrestling and some martial arts. The maneuver uses the opponent’s weight and motion against him, allowing a wrestler an opportunity to score major points, or even to end a match with a pin.

Hand fight your way inside, maneuvering both of your arms around your opponent in an “over/under” position. One arm should slide under your opponent’s shoulder, leaving your hand on his back, while your other arm goes on top of your competitor’s upper arm on the opposite side.

Push forward into your opponent’s chest.

Step to the same side as the arm that’s on your opponent’s back. If you’re right-handed, for example, your right arm will typically be on your opponent’s back, so you’ll take a step directly to your right.

Bend a bit from your left hip as your opponent begins pushing back, while turning your left leg so your foot is pointed to your left.

Secure your opponent’s right arm with your left.

Drop onto your left hip while maintaining your grip on your opponent, pulling him to the mat along with you.

Throw your opponent forward, past your body, and roll your right shoulder onto his chest.