Homemade Anti-Fog for SCUBA Masks

Scuba diver swimming underwater

One of the most integral pieces of scuba diving equipment is the mask, allowing divers to enjoy the beautiful views, while also providing clear vision to identify safety risks and proper navigation. Masks have a tendency to fog while underwater, and the scuba world has created multiple cleansers to prevent this. Instead of expensive products, try a homemade anti-fog option to maintain a clear scuba mask and memorable scuba experience.

Why Scuba Masks Fog Up

Identifying and controlling the reasons masks fog up is the first step to keeping a fog-free mask. Most mask fogging results from dirt and grime building up, so to prevent fog, keep your mask clean. After each scuba trip, wash your mask with water and a small amount of soap, then hang to dry. Avoid touching the inside of the mask with your fingers as much as possible. Fingers are naturally oily and can add an invisible film to the lens that causes fogging.

Baby Shampoo Formula

Baby shampoo is a common anti-fog used on scuba masks. Use baby shampoo -- with no additives -- rather than regular shampoo because the baby variety does not sting when, inevitably, it drips into your eyes. To use baby shampoo as an anti-fog, dilute it 50-50 with water, and put the formula in a small spray bottle. Ensure that the scuba mask is dry. Spray the formula directly onto the inside of the lens and let sit for a minute. Do not use your fingers to rub the shampoo into the lens. Instead, simply let it work on its own. Dip the mask into a bucket of water to wash away excess shampoo.