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Honda XR70 Information


    Created in the late 1990s, the red-trimmed motorcycle is an off-road mini bike. A total of four models have been released. It is a motorcycle that is more rider-friendly than the XR50, which was also manufactured during the same time as the XR70.

XR70 Model

    The reason the XR70 is good for beginners is because it doesn't have a clutch. The motorcycle is a single cylinder, three-speed bike with four strokes. Over the years, Honda has made small changes to the bicycle, including larger fuel capacity and a larger displacement.


    Because the motorcycle is built for beginners and is a traditional off-road bike, it is a fairly safe bike. The motorcycle is more of a leisure motorcycle than a true racing motorcycle.


    Because this motorcycle is no longer being manufactured, it can only be resold as a used bike. Check Craigslist, Ebay or a used motorcycle vendor in your area. The price of the motorcycle depends on its condition.


    When the bike needs maintenance or repair, take it to a mechanic who works on motocross bikes. Honda specialists are also good because they are used to working on these type of motorcycles and can easily get replacement parts. Usually, the first part to go is the throttle, so when you take it in for a regular checkup make sure to have them check the condition of the throttle.

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