How Many Push-Ups Should an Average Healthy Man Be Able to Do?

Man doing push-ups

The basic pushup is a classic test of fitness. You may encounter pushup assessments as part of a fitness test in the military or for other occupations with physical fitness standards. But you may simply want to know how you stack up against the average male. The average pushup range for men varies, however, depending on age.

Men in Their 20s

The average pushup range for men in their 20s is between 17 and 29. Anything above that range is classified as above average, and anything below is less than average. Being able to do more than 47 pushups is considered excellent. If you can only four to nine pushups, it's considered poor, and if you can manage just four or fewer it's considered very poor.

Men in Their 30s

If you're a man in your 30s, the average pushup range is slightly lower, at 13 to 24 pushups. If you can manage 25 or more, you're above average. Completing 28 to 34 is considered good and more than 34 is considered excellent. If you manage something in the range of two to seven pushups, your performance is considered poor; if you can do fewer than two it is very poor.

Men in their 40s

In your 40s, the average pushup range drops yet again. Performing 11 to 20 pushups is considered average. Performing 28 to 34 is considered good, and if you can exceed that number it's considered excellent. Performing one to five pushups is poor, and your performance is only labelled as very poor only if you cannot perform a pushup.

Testing Yourself

To test your pushup abilities against these averages, you should perform standard pushups, also referred to as military pushups. Start in a plank position with your hands and toes on the floor and your back straight. Lower your chest to the floor until your elbows form right angles. Don't allow your elbows to flare out away from your body. Perform pushups to the point of exhaustion -- when you cannot perform any more with proper form.