How to Find a Doctor's License Number


When you are receiving medical treatment from a doctor it is important to know whether or not his credentials are legitimate. After all, your very life and well being could possibly be at stake. Each doctor has been assigned a license number that authorizes him to practice the profession in his state. To help put your mind at ease, there are resources available to you that will allow you to easily find your doctor's license number.

Obtain the first and last name of the doctor along with the city and state the doctor is practicing in. The reason you need the city and state is to ensure that you retrieve the information for the right doctor.

Visit the State Medical Board website for the state in which the doctor is practicing. Click on the “License Verification” link. The exact wording for the license verification link will vary by website. A link to the all of the State Medical Boards is located in the “References” section of this article.

Enter the first and last name for the doctor into the appropriate search box. Click “Search.”

Review the search results to see the doctor's license number. In some cases, the results will also show when the license was issued, when it expires, the status of the license and where the doctor received his education.