How to Hang a Punching Bag With an Eye Hook

Woman hitting punching bag

Punching bags are a boxer’s best friend, and for good reason. A punching bag can help you build muscle, improve your form and torch body fat. Whether you’re a weekend warrior or a diehard fighter, nothing can replace the dependability and versatility of a good punching bag. Despite the benefits, punching bags tend to be bulky and are a hassle to mount. Heavy bags in excess of 100 pounds typically require a solid ceiling joist that is at least 6 square inches. Even then, you may need to rehang your bag every few years if your eye bolt becomes stripped from the constant barrage of punches.

Put on safety glasses and place a ladder beneath the area you intend to hang the bag. Climb the ladder so that you are high enough to touch the ceiling, and use a stud finder to locate a joist in the ceiling. Mark a small circle in the center of the joist to designate the sturdiest place for hanging your bag. Ensure that you have at least 5 feet of free space in every direction from where the bag will be hung.

Insert a 1/8-inch drill bit into the power drill and create a pilot hole by drilling into the circle you marked on the ceiling. Continue drilling until the entire bit has dug into the ceiling. Replace the 1/8-inch drill bit with a larger 1/4-inch bit and continue drilling until the hole is wide enough for an eye bolt.

Place a nut and washer on the threaded end of the eye bolt. Make sure the washer rests on top of the nut as you screw it down the length of the threading until it rests against the metal loop. Insert the 1/4-inch eye bolt into the hole and begin turning it to the right so the threading gradually digs into the ceiling. Continue driving the eye bolt into the ceiling until it becomes too hard to turn.

Tighten the nut with your fingers until the washer is pressed against the ceiling. Continue tightening the nut with an adjustable wrench until the eye bolt is sturdy and immovable. Attach a heavy-duty carabiner through the loop of the eye bolt.

Position the punching bag directly under your ladder and lift it up by the hanging chains attached to the top. Hoist the bag as high as needed before attaching the leader chain to the carabiner. Ideally, the bag should be high enough that the top is roughly level with the top of your head, as recommended by the Balazs Bags website.


There’s a reason why punching bags are in all of the boxing movies. Once your bag is in the air, it will provide for hundreds of hours of heavy training before succumbing to wear and tear. For best results, use bag gloves to reduce the strain on your wrists during practice. If you use the bag for kicking practice, try to aim for the direct center to reduce unnecessary bouncing and spinning.


Ask someone else to hoist the bag while you attach it to the carabiner to protect your back from excessive stress. Always practice caution when using a ladder or power tools. Keep children and animals from your work area to reduce the risk of accidents.