How to Raise a Punching Bag Using a Carabiner

Punching Bags in Boxing Gym

Hanging a punching bag with a carabiner, a metal snap-link with a gate-like opening, is a convenient way to suspend your punching bag. Carabiners can be opened and closed quickly so you can adjust the height of your bag as needed. They also lock shut to ensure the bag is securely attached. It is helpful to have a friend hold the punching bag while you clip the carabiner in place.

Position a ladder so the punching bag mount is accessible. The punching bag mount includes chain, swivel hardware and fasteners. These parts allow the punching bag to swing freely while keeping it securely fastened to a sturdy overhead beam.

Clip a carabiner to the highest link of the chain on the punching bag mount. The carabiner is used to shorten the length of chain that is under tension. This will raise the height of the bag without it losing strength or swaying in the mount.

Raise the punching bag to the desired height. A good starting point is with the punching bag brand label at the boxer's eye level. This is where a helper comes in handy. One person can hold the bag at the proper height, while the other person shortens the chain with the carabiner.

Clip the carabiner to a second link of chain that will support the punching bag at the desired height. Test the new height of the bag and adjust as needed. If you have a locking carabiner, screw the sleeve to lock the gate shut.

Before performing any punching workouts, test the bag to make sure it is completely secure to the chain, the mount and the carabiner.


Your punching bag mount may split and attach to the bag with multiple lengths of chain. To raise the punching bag along this section of chain, clip the carabiner to an equal link along each length of chain.


Select a climbing-grade carabiner with a locking gate that is strong enough to support the weight of the bag under the stress of a boxing workout. These are available at sporting goods stores and stores dedicated to the great outdoors.