How to Lose Weight Pretending to Jump Rope

Woman playing hopscotch

Jumping rope burns approximately 350 calories in a half hour, if you weigh 150 lbs. Unfortunately, jumping rope is not an easy exercise. If you get tangled in the rope and have to stop every two minutes, you will not receive the same calorie-burning, weight loss benefits as consistent jumping. Or, you may not have the indoor space in which to swing a rope over, in front of and behind your body. If you struggle with these issues, you do not have to lose out on the health benefits of jumping rope. A pretend rope and fancy footwork are all you need for this weight-reducing workout.

Put on supportive shoes. Warm up with five minutes of a total body movement such as walking, marching, high knees or stair climbing.

Stand tall with your feet underneath your hips. Extend your arms at your sides and pretend to hold a jump rope handle in each hand. Perform a jump by lifting both feet off the floor at the same time. Land and jump again. Continue for one minute.

Swing your pretend rope and hop on your right foot for 30 seconds. Hop on the left foot for 30 seconds.

Run in place for one minute. Land on one foot at a time as if stepping over the rope.

Jump from side to side as if jumping over an imaginary vertical line. Jump for one minute.

Alternate high-knee lifts as you jump from one foot to the other for one minute.

Jump forward and backward for one minute with your feet and knees together as if hopping over an imaginary horizontal line.

Repeat Steps 2 through 7 if you are able. Cool down with a five-minute walk.


Speak with your doctor before beginning a jump rope workout. If you are a beginner, perform the jump rope movement for one minute and then alternate it with walking in place for a minute, until your endurance improves.