How to Make Homemade Arch Supports

With the increased rate of obesity, many people have trouble with fallen arches. Fallen arches can also be attributed to heredity or an injury that has been sustained years earlier. Regardless of a past history, most people should have a shoe with good arch supports. But for some people, this is not enough to prevent ankle and knee pain. Doctors often sell arch supports or recommend you purchase arch supports that can cost $50 to $100. With this tutorial, you can learn to make arch supports for a fraction of that price.

Making Your Own Arch Supports

Place the clay under your arch. Step on it until it molds to your foot and you are standing so that your body and leg is in full alignment (your arch should be supported so that the bone behind your foot is straight up and down). Avoid using too much clay, or your foot will turn to the opposite side, creating pain upon use.

Bake the clay in the oven until it hardens. Place in your shoes at the arch and walk normally.

Take the strips of rubber and cut them to the exact shape and height of the clay arch support by gluing the rubber strips on top of each other.

Glue the strips in the arches of your shoes for permanent use, or place them in your shoes before use. You can also bind them to your feet with a small arch bandage (available at most drug stores) before putting your feet in your shoes. Clay supports are recommended for walking, and the rubber supports are recommended for walking and running.


Your feet will hurt when using the arch support the first few times. This is totally normal and would happen even with the expensive supports. Give your feet some time to get used to it. Your ankles and knees will thank you later.