How to Walk With Neuropathy in Feet

Zhenya Banks/Demand Media
    Zhenya Banks/Demand Media
  1. Warm up and do some gentle stretching exercises before walking. This will help to prepare your body for exercise. Do some simple foot stretches such as plantar flexion and dorsiflexion.

  2. Zhenya Banks/Demand Media
  3. Wear protective but comfortable footwear. You may have decreased sensation in your feet that can cause you to damage them without realizing it. Use thick, solid socks made of cotton with extra padding in the toes and heels to help protect your feet.

  4. Zhenya Banks/Demand Media
  5. Start walking slowly and avoid hard surfaces with many obstructions such as rocks, uneven ground and cracks. Use a treadmill if available.

  6. Zhenya Banks/Demand Media
  7. Walk for at least thirty minutes depending on your own fitness level. You can take short walks throughout the day for a total of at least thirty minutes if this is more comfortable. Hydrate yourself as much as necessary with water or energy drinks to sustain your body. Stop if it gets too painful or unbearable to walk and consult your doctor immediately.

  8. Zhenya Banks/Demand Media
  9. Cool off and stretch gently after walking. Stretch your shoulders and your back. Ankle points, toe curls and calf stretches are some exercises that you can do to avoid muscle strain and injuries. Hold your stretches for 30 to 40 seconds.

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