How to Sit on a Donut Cushion

Donut cushions are ideal for people suffering from coccyx or tailbone pain because they are designed to take pressure off this area while you are seated. Donut cushions are ergonomically designed to redistribute your weight so that you aren't resting on an injured tailbone. Anyone can use donut cushions who is suffering from hemorrhoids, coccygeal pain, a broken tailbone or who is pregnant or has lingering coccyx pain resulting from childbirth.

Place your donut cushion on the seat of the chair so that it is centered, and the back of the donut cushion is touching where the chair's seat and back meet.

Sit on the donut cushion, making sure that your tailbone is centered over the cushion's hole with each buttock cheek resting on either side of the donut cushion's opening.

Once seated on the donut cushion, lean forward slightly instead of reclining back to further alleviate tailbone pressure.


Purchase the donut cushion size that most closely matches your weight to get the support you need.