How to Throw a Football With the Left Hand

Wild Card Playoffs - Pittsburgh Steelers v Denver Broncos

Football is dominated by right-handed quarterbacks. "The Wall Street Journal" reported that according to librarian and football author John Maxymuk, there are only 12 left-handed quarterbacks who have played in at least 50 professional games. Part of he reason for this is that left-handed quarterbacks disrupt the setup of plays. Fortunately, if you are left-handed -- there have been some highly successful lefty quarterbacks, including Tim Tebow and Steve Young -- and the mechanics for throwing left-handed are simply reversed from throwing right.

Stand with your feet together, your knees bent and your hips slightly dropped.

Hold the ball in the fingertips of your left hand, keeping an open area between your palm and the ball.

Take a step back with your left foot, keeping your feet staggered and pointing your right foot at your target.

Draw your left arm back, over your shoulder, bring the football behind your head.

Snap your left arm forward, rolling your left shoulder as you do so.

Turn your thumb down and to the left as you release the ball. Your index finger should be the last part of you to touch the ball as you release it.

Continue to drop your left hand down toward your legs as you follow through with your throw.