How to Train for Shot Put & Discus

a young caucasian female athlete is wearing a dark uniform and about to throw a discus

Shot put and discus are both events that take place in track and field. While these events are different, they both involve throwing, so they are often grouped into the same category. Throwing is considered a test of strength, and is therefore best trained for with a combination of strength and endurance training. A good track-and-field coach can help you get started, but it takes discipline, patience and time to become truly good at these interesting competitive sporting events.

Get involved with track and field at your school or in a community group. One of the best ways to become better at the shot put and discus is to learn from watching the techniques and training methods of others. A coach who can teach you how to master the shot put and discus is key to understanding throwing theories that can make you stand out from the crowd.

Develop a strength-training workout that is challenging for you, and do it at least three times per week. Alternate between your upper and lower body so that your muscles have some time to recover. The main muscle groups that you want to work out for throwing include the shoulder girdle, back, hips and legs. Free weights at the gym, as well as machines, provide many circuits for athletes to complete. The incline bench press should be substituted for the usual flat bench press because the incline resembles the movement done while throwing. Talk with your coach about the best plan for weight lifting to help you succeed at throwing.

Include powerlifting in your weight training at least one or two days per week. This involves lifting heavier weights than usual with minimal repetitions. Common powerlifting exercises include the bench press and squats. Get a spotter and start small so that you do not injure yourself. Work your way up to heavier weights that will improve your throwing of the discus and shot put when done over weeks and months.

Exercise the muscles that make up your core in full-body workouts at least three days per week to train for shot put and discus. This includes your abdominal, back, thigh and butt muscles. Yoga and Pilates offer beneficial core exercises, as well as good balance and strength-training skills. Dance, brisk walking and cycling also offer benefits to your core if you do not wish to engage in mind-body activities.

Do exercises with a medicine ball to gain throwing strength that can be used for the shot put or discus. Hold the ball over your head and twist your torso from left to right, moving slowly. Lower your arms so that you are holding the ball with both hands straight out in front of your chest. Move the ball to your left side, back to the center, and then to your right side. Enlist a partner and practice passing the ball back and forth to one another, throwing it forcefully from your chest. Repeat each medicine ball exercise at least 10 times per session.

Practice throwing at least three or four days per week. Ask others for pointers on your technique. Take one full day off from all exercises each week to help prevent overtraining from exercising your body too often. Eat a healthy diet and drink plenty of water to provide the right kind of fuel to your track-and-field training.