How to Use Saline Eye Wash


Saline eye washes can help to remove particles or foreign objects from your eye. It can also be used to relieve itching or discomfort that can come from allergies, environmental exposure or contact with chemicals. You must keep the tip of saline eye wash bottle out of contact with anything, including your own hands and eyes. This can spread germs and infections to your eye. Consult your physician if you have continuing discomfort in your eyes.

Saline Bottle

Wash your hands thoroughly, then dry with a clean paper towel or or a hand towel without lint. If you wear contacts, remove them.

Shake the saline eye wash bottle.

Tilt your head back and pull down the lower lid of your eye with your fingertip.

Using your other hand, hold the bottle near your eye, but not touching it, and apply the appropriate number of drops in your eye or simply squeeze a light stream into your eye.

Eye Cup

Wash your hands thoroughly and rinse the eye wash cup in the saline solution you will be using. Do not let the eye cup rim or the inside of the cup to come into contact with anything.

Fill the eye wash cup halfway with the saline solution.

Place the cup over the affected eye that needs to be rinsed and tilt your head back, keeping your eye open.

Move your eye all around to ensure that the saline wash rinses all areas of your eye. Discard the solution when you are finished and rinse the eye cup.