How to Walk on Tip Toes for Exercise

Woman walking on tiptoe

It can be easy to neglect your calf muscles in favor of your larger and more muscular thighs. While many thigh exercises also work your calves, targeted calf exercises can help strengthen muscles such as the gastrocnemius and the soleus, which play key roles when you walk, run and jump. Walking on your tiptoes offers a simple way to give your calves some extra work.

Body-Weight Tiptoe Walking

Stand erect and rise onto the balls of your feet.

Walk forward slowly, keeping your heels as high as possible and limiting each stride to 6 inches or less.

Continue walking for 25 yards, then lower your heels to the floor. Walk farther if you wish to increase the exercise’s intensity.

Farmer’s Walk on Toes

Stand straight and hold a pair of dumbbells at your sides with your arms extended and your palms facing your body.

Lift yourself onto the balls of both feet.

Walk for 60 seconds. You can walk in a straight line or a circle. Carry heavier weights to make the exercise more challenging.


If you walk in a circle, move clockwise for half the time and counterclockwise for the remaining time.

Make tiptoe walking an informal part of your fitness regimen by fitting it into your everyday routine. For example, walk on the balls of your feet when you retrieve your mail or when you go downstairs to put clothes in the washer.

Stretch your calves after walking on your tiptoes. Stand about two strides in front of a wall, step forward with your right foot, flex your right knee and extend your arms horizontally at shoulder level. With both feet flat on the floor and your left leg fairly straight, place your palms against the wall. Shift your weight forward onto your right foot until you feel the stretch in your left calf. Hold the position for 30 seconds, then repeat the stretch with the other leg.


Consult a physician before starting a new exercise routine, particularly if you’ve been inactive or you have any health issues. Stop tiptoe walking if you feel pain. If your feet begin to hurt while you’re performing the farmer’s walk, rest for a while, then try again with lighter weights.