Ideas for a Golfer's Gift Basket


    The possibilities for golf accessories to put in a golf gift basket include ball markers, divot repair tools, golf tees and sleeves of three golf balls. Golf balls come in every color and composition to suit every taste and talent. Pocket-size books covering golf rules and tips come in handy when the golfer is faced with tricky golf lies in the forest, beside the water, nestled next to a tree trunk or buried in the sand hazard. Water bottles and club towels are a must on every golf bag. Small containers of sunscreen, skin moisturizer, bug repellant, bandages and blister first aid are all standard golf bag items that need constant replenishing.

Golf Wear

    Real golfers brave all the elements, including rain, wind and, on occasion, a snowflake or two. Being prepared for every type of weather is key to enjoying the round. Consider packing your golfer's gift basket with rain gloves that are specially designed to be worn on both hands to increase heat and improve the golfer's hold on slippery club grips. Golf gloves are also available in an all-weather version for cooler climates. Many golf retailers carry a wide assortment of rain hats to repel water in heavy downpours, as well as sunhats, visors and sunglasses for sun protection. Tuck some extra pairs of golf socks into the basket for those super soggy rounds.

Training Gear

    No matter how long your golfer has been playing, he is always looking for ways to lower the handicap. Stock your golf gift basket with practice golf balls and training videos. Putting-practice cups are great for the office or downstairs carpet for practicing in the off season. Second to playing, golfers like to watch and read about golf. Books and magazines about and by golfers are countless and include everything from biographies featuring the golfing greats to tips on how to improve your golf swing.

Novelty Items and Snacks

    A golfer's gift basket would not be complete without a few novelty and food items. Golf club head covers come in everything from fuzzy animals to superheroes. Coffee mugs can be digitized and T-shirts can be screened with favorite golf photographs, sayings or logos. Golf balls can be personalized with the golfer's name. Snacks are key to keeping the golfer at her best out on the course, so pack your golf gift basket with golf-themed cookie bouquets and golf-ball-shaped chocolate. Energy bars, beef jerky, peanut snacks and bottled water are all musts for the weary golfer.

Gift Cards

    Gift cards are the right size and color for every golfer. Consider a gift card from a sporting goods store. A gift card from a golf club pro shop could go toward purchasing some perfect golf attire or lining up a lesson with the pro. Buy gift cards redeemable for green fees or buckets of driving range balls. As a special treat, concentrate on what is known as the 19th hole, or after the game, and include a gift card for a favorite restaurant where a perfect day on the course can end with a perfect meal with friends.

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