How to Improve Chances at Winning in Three on Three Basketball

Three on three basketball is a challenging way to play the game of basketball as it is played half court. As such, three on three basketball forces you to use teamwork in the half court set. Less of a premium is put on speed, and more on size and teamwork. Here is how to improve your chances at winning in three on three basketball game.

Building Your Three on Three Basketball Team To Win

Build your team by getting the proper players to join your team. In three on three basketball, you need to be well rounded. You need a big man, a great outside shooter, and a great passer. If you can put these pieces in place, then you are on your way to winning in three on three basketball.

Practice together and scrimmage some teams before the tournament starts. It is important that all three players are used to playing with each other. This is also one of the things you look for when you build your team. Do they play well together?

Define the teams strategy before you get on the court. Like any basketball team, you should know your game plan beforehand. Are you going to be an outside team? Are you going to pound the ball inside? These are questions you will want to answer and make sure that your team is all on the same page.

Elect your go-to shooter when you must have a basket. It is important for your team to be well rounded as far as scoring, but you need that one guy you can count on to deliver when you need a bucket. Usually this should be your big man, as they shoot a higher percentage playing closer to the hoop.

Move the ball around constantly to confuse the defense. Good ball movement is especially important in three on three basketball. The lane is generally going to be clogged, so moving the ball in and out will help open it up.

Crash the boards as a group to increase your second chance buckets. Even your small guys need to get in there and rebound to get those easy second chance baskets.

Learn how to set picks and roll off of them. The pick and roll is vital to any great basketball team, and it is no different in three on three. Make sure you pick often, and move after the pick consistently.

Learn to space yourselves to maximize your open shots. Keeping space between you and your teammates is vital to getting open. If you are grouped up together, then you are much easier to cover and allow the defense to relax.

Use the back door often to get easy baskets when the other team is overplaying on defense.

Do not be shy about calling your fouls when they are committed.