How to Inflate a Football

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It's a sad sight indeed when you go out to the garage to grab your football for a quick game of touch with your family or friends, only to find that the ball has deflated since the last time you used it. However, this situation can be quickly remedied. You can inflate your football in a couple of minutes using an air pump equipped with an inflation needle.

Attach a slender inflating needle to the pump's hose by screwing it onto the end.

Locate the specification information, which is next to the inflation valve, to find out the pounds per square inch to which your football needs to be inflated. Regulation-size footballs are typically inflated between 12.5 and 13.5 psi and junior footballs (which are slightly smaller) are inflated to around 7 psi.

Rub a small amount of lubricant, such as dish soap or glycerin, on the shaft of the inflation needle. Insert the needle into the inflation valve.

Pump the football with air until the pressure gauge reads the proper inflation number for your football. Pump a slightly under the designated amount if you like to have a better grip on the ball or slightly more if you want the ball to go farther when kicked. Remove the needle and wipe it and the inflation valve with paper towel.