Job Description of an NFL Player Development Director

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Each team in the National Football League has one person who's in charge of player development. This person, known as the player development director, oversees the team's efforts to educate players on many off-the-field issues, such as managing money, developing life skills and transitioning to a post-football career.

Player Assistance Services

NFL player development directors help arrange and conduct workshops and seminars to help players learn life and coping skills. Life skills seminars are held for all players on each roster throughout the year. These include information on resolving conflicts, domestic issues and handling peer pressure. The coping skills workshops teach players how to handle issues such as long distance relationships, time management, anger control and coaching changes.

Financial Education

Player development directors oversee their team's financial education program. The programs' purpose is to teach players how to properly manage their money to help them maintain long-term financial stability. The program includes seminars on estate and tax planning, insurance, investments and related subjects. The financial education arm of the player development program also includes business management and entrepreneurial training. The player development director assists the NFL in running workshops on personal investments, business plan reviews and cash flow management, among other things.

Career Development

An NFL player development director's job responsibilities include managing a team's participation in the league's career development program. The development program provides active players with training, such as resume writing and interview skills, that players need once they transition out of football into another career. Each team's development director helps players become familiar with the job market and helps players secure internships and job interviews.

Continuing Education

Player development directors oversee teams' and players' participation in continuing education, which helps NFL players complete the courses they need to receive their college degrees. The program also assesses how to best utilize a player's education after his playing days. In addition, development directors manage players' participation in the league's tuition reimbursement program, which reimburses players up to $15,000 annually for passing courses in accredited schools with a C grade or better.

Career Transition

Player development directors manage their teams' participation in the NFL transition program, which helps players prepare for life after football. The program holds an annual event where former NFL players speak with current ones about the transition and give advice on how to be successful at it. Other topics covered at the event include communication and networking skills and dealing with personal health issues.