How to Keep a Basketball From Losing Air


While a basketball will become deflated and lose its balance after several months, you can follow a series of steps that will keep your basketball inflated longer than former NBA player Manute Bol, who stood at 7 feet 6 inches. When stored properly and with careful handling, you can improve the longevity of an inflated basketball. A properly inflated basketball is necessary to achieve as much bounce as is needed for a match.

Store your basketball in a warm area. The cooler the temperature, the more the air inside the basketball will expand and leak.

Don't kick the basketball. Unlike soccer balls, basketballs aren't meant to be kicked and can deflate much more quickly when they are exposed to extra force.

Pump your basketball up on a regular basis. A basketball should have approximately 8 psi, which is measured by inserting a pressure gauge into the needle opening.

Don't bounce the basketball. While this seems like it would defeat the purpose of owning a basketball, a signed basketball, for example, should not be bounced so that you can maintain the physical integrity of the ball.