What Kind of Paint Is Used on Skateboards?

There are two reasons to want to learn about the painting that goes on skateboards: curiosity about the paint that comes on already decorated skateboards, or the need to paint your own blank board.


When it comes to skateboards, the type of painting style used can be very important, because the paint style ultimately will decide the price of the skateboard. For those painting their own skateboard, painting is important because the style used will determine longevity of the paint itself.


All skateboards are given a protective deck coating that varies from manufacturer before the paint is applied. Paint from the manufacturer can be water based, silk screen, UV paint, or transferred by heat.


If you are adding your own paint to a board you have bought from the store, the most popular types of paint used are spray paint and acrylic paint.


Many people want the most durable type of paint available, but the truth is, there is no one paint that will not chip if you use your board regularly.

Fun Fact

After painting, a protective seal coat is used to help increase longevity of the board.