How to Clean Skis

    Wash off the skis with a mild soap and sponge. Scrub at any dirt build up that may have gotten on the skis.

    Rinse off the skis thoroughly. You can use a hose to do this job or a bucket of water.

    Wipe off the skis after you wash them. Before you use any additional products on them, you should make sure that they are completely dried.

    Use a base cleaner on the skis. Rubbing this type of product on the skis will remove any old wax and other residues that may be stuck to the skis.

    Wax the skis. Purchase a liquid waxing product and run the wax over the base of each ski. Check with the ski shop about which type of wax that you should use for the skis. Waxes are usually recommended based on the temperatures that you plan to ski in.


  • You can use a hot wax product as well on your skis. It involves melting the wax and rubbing the wax into the base of the skis using an old fashioned iron.
  • Ski cleaning and care is often referred to as tuning up the skis. It is recommended that you have several ski tune ups over the course of the ski season.
  • If you notice any beading of the water on the ski, then you need to clean the skis right away. Beading indicates the presence of oil, a factor that can cause problems with your ski performance.

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