How to Learn Aikido at Home

Aikido, which can be translated as "the way of spiritual harmony," is a Japanese form of martial arts that concentrates on inner balance and focus. While aikido should be taught by a qualified instructor in a controlled environment, you can develop some skills at home by using the right resources.

Learn at Home

Consider taking a few beginner's classes in tai chi before attempting to learn aikido at home. Tai chi can teach you balance, focus and strength in a format that is much less demanding than aikido.

Purchase instructional DVDs that demonstrate Aikido techniques. Select the more comprehensive instructional series, such as David Dye's "Aikido: Self Defense for the Modern Warrior," which is available at (see Resources below).

Read instructional books. Focus on volumes that stress both the spiritual lessons behind aikido and the actual techniques. Investigate books by Kisshomaru Ueshiba, one of the pioneering forces behind aikido instruction, such as "Best Aikido: The Fundamentals," which is available at (see Resources below).

Determine whether you have enough room to learn aikido at home. Pick a clutter-free area that will allow you to execute holds, kicks and punches without damaging valuables, including yourself.

Ask a friend to be a sparring partner when you learn aikido at home. Aikido is based upon knocking your opponent off balance through a series of holds and throws, and you will need a willing sparring partner to help you develop your muscles.

Practice aikido at home at least three to four times per week. Without an instructor supervising you, it is very easy to become lax in your regimen and training. In order to develop your aikido skills on your own, you must develop a proper work ethic and practice on a regular basis.


If you can afford the expense, hire an aikido instructor for private lessons in your own home. Call or visit local martial-arts training centers and ask whether personalized aikido instruction is available.