List of Diving Board Tricks


Add some variety and fun this summer while swimming with friends by learning diving board tricks. Diving board tricks will impress your friends and create a lot of laughs and splashes. Always dive in the deep end of a pool, and be sure to keep a safe distance between you and the board as you jump to avoid injury.


Guaranteed to make a big splash that will soak your friends, the cannonball is a swimming pool favorite. Jump high on the diving board and while over the water, bring your knees up to your chest and wrap your arms around them. Shout “cannonball!” as you jump to warn your friends of the huge splash coming their way.

Pencil Drop

Unlike the cannonball, the pencil drop trick creates little or no splash. Jump off the diving board while keeping your body absolutely straight. Keep your legs together and extend your arms over your head. Your toes should be pointed and your hands together pointing up. If you keep your body straight and get a good jump, you will sink deep into the pool. Have a competition with your friends to see who makes the smallest splash or reaches the deepest depth.

Belly Flop

The belly flop is a entertaining trick that creates lots of laughs in the pool. You should expect to feel a little pain while performing this trick. Fall off the end of the diving board facing the water with your body parallel to the water. Be prepared to have a red stomach after your belly flop. Compete with your friends for the biggest belly flop splash. If you take a jump on the board, the farther you fall into the water, the bigger the splash.

Can Opener

The can opener is a fun trick that makes a big splash. To execute the can opener trick, lean back about 35 degrees as you jump off the diving board. Bring one knee up to your chest wrapping your arms around it. Stay in this position as you jump feet-first in the water.


A difficult trick, the twister involves turning your body 360 degrees in the air. Get a fast run and high jump off the diving board. You can bring your knees up to your chest with your arms wrapped around them or keep your body straight. It may take several attempts to get your body to twist in a complete rotation.

Flying Squirrel

As the name suggests, a diver resembles a flying squirrel while performing this trick. Facing the water, jump off the diving board with your arms extended behind you and your knees bent. Reach back and grab your ankles while in the air.