How to Survival Float

Face Down Floating

  1. Get into water that's at least waist-deep and take a deep breath and hold it. Float in a horizontal position with your face down in the water. Only the back of your head should breach the surface. The air in your lungs will keep you floating. Relax.

  2. Let your arms and legs dangle. Your arms may float up to the surface. You may need to kick your legs a little after taking a breath to keep from sinking back down too far.

  3. Raise your head when you need a breath of air. If you need to, bring your arms and legs slightly upward to the surface, then push them downward to help you elevate your head for a breath and return to a relaxed floating position.

Back Floating

  1. Lie on your back in calm water and relax your limbs to float horizontally.

  2. Keep your head above the water line at all times so your airway stays dry. Arch the back slightly to assist in the float.

  3. Kick gently or tread water to make progress toward land or a boat, if one is in sight.

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