How to Lose Love Handles in 1 Month

How to Lose Love Handles in 1 Month

Nobody loves having love handles. But having a few extra pounds around your midsection doesn't just make you feel unattractive, it also poses a health risk. Even if you aren't overweight, love handles are associated with a shorter life span, according to epidemiologist and physician Dr. Tobias Pischon. While you can't spot-reduce, you can reduce your overall percentage of body fat while toning all your major muscle groups including your core, to get a fitter, tighter appearance. Consistency is key to reducing your love handles in as a little as one month.

  1. Cut down on your refined carbohydrates to lose more body fat. Even making modest strides in resisting processed carbohydrates like potato chips, donuts and cookies can lead to a reduction in belly fat, even when you don't not lose any weight overall, according to researcher of nutrition sciences at the University of Alabama, Barbara Gower.

  1. Cut down on portion sizes. Choose fruits, vegetables, whole grains and lean protein over white bread, refined-grain pasta and sugary drinks. Select polyunsaturated fats over saturated fats and trans fats. Make subtle changes in your food choices, rather than following a drastic calorie-restrictive diet to prevent your body from going into shutdown mode and slowing down your metabolism.

  1. Engage in regular moderate-intensity physical activity for between 30 and 60 minutes a day to reduce your visceral or abdominal fat. Research subjects who walked or jogged 12 miles per week put on no visceral fat, compared to sedentary subjects studied at Duke University Medical Center.

  1. Increase the intensity to begin to see fat burning effects in as little as a month. Duke research subjects who jogged about 20 miles per week lost both visceral and subcutaneous fat steadily over the duration of the study.

  1. Work out your core to tone your abdominal muscles. Choose exercises such as segmental rotations, sit ups, abdominal crunches, side bends and bridges. Add resistance, such as ankle or wrist weights to increase the chances that you'll see results in one month.