How to Lubricate Spinning Bikes

    Spread several pieces of newspaper or a tarp onto the floor and carefully set the bike onto the covering. This will ensure that the flooring underneath is not exposed to the lubricant.

    Apply four drops of lubricating oil or lightly spray each brake spring. Avoid allowing any lubricant from touching the brake pads as this could cause them to lose some stopping power.

    Place a layer of the lubricant onto the bike's chain. The bike may have a guard that is protecting the chain. If so, it should be removed with the proper tool, such as a Phillips screwdriver.


  • Contact the bike's manufacturer or read the instructions to learn the correct type of lubricant to use on your spinning bike.
  • Avoid lubricating the bike's belt, if there is one. It does not require lubrication.

Things Needed

  • Newspaper or tarp
  • Spinning bike lubricant

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