How to Maintain a Sand Volleyball Court

Sand volleyball courts don't need quite the same amount of care and pruning as grass courts or indoor wood-floor courts, but a few maintenance items need to be performed regularly to keep the court in great condition. Unfortunately, sand somehow seems to attract debris like paper, cigarette butts and bottle caps, not to mention the stray cat who senses a large litter box. Regular maintenance can help reduce the impact of these issues.

Patrol the court daily to remove any debris that might have ended up there, and dispose of it properly.

Rake the sand to bring up any sharp objects and trash. Place these in a plastic bag for disposal. Include the removal of any sharp rocks or stones that could cut players' bare feet. Regular raking will also help keep the sand dry and soft.

Even out low spots in the sand with a rake and shovel. Activity is usually very intense at the net and the sand there often gets kicked away, leaving a trench. Fill this in with sand from higher spots on the court.

Check the padding on poles and other structures that players could run into. Repair or replace as needed.

Clear trash, obstructions and any other debris from a 3- to 4-foot-wide perimeter around the court. If grass grows inside this perimeter, keep it mowed short

Look for wear at points on wooden posts where net anchors are attached. Repair or replace worn posts


Some courts are covered with a tarp when not in use. The advantage of this is that debris and cat droppings are less likely, but the tradeoff is that the sand below the tarp is often damp or wet from condensation.