How to Make Curling Rocks for Fun

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Curling is a sport that originated in Scotland in the 16th century, in which a player slides a stone across ice to reach a target. It is now played around the world, particularly in cold climates like Canada. The playing stones used in the early years were simply river rocks about the size of a man's hand. The sport evolved throughout the years, and current stones are 42-lb. polished granite pieces that can cost thousands of dollars each. However, you can make your own curling stones for a low cost using household materials.

Drill a 1/2-inch hole in the bottom of one bowl near the edge of the flat bottom with the hole saw. Slide the 8-inch piece of pipe through the hole. Using the bolt adhesive, attach one of the elbows to the end of the pipe outside the bowl. This elbow will hold the handle. Attach the other elbow to the end of the pipe inside the bowl. The elbow should extend above the rim of the bowl. It will act as the rebar to connect the two bowls of concrete together. Attach the 4-inch piece of pipe to the outside elbow with adhesive to act as the handle.

Turn the bowl so the flat bottom is down, with the handle sticking out. Use 2-foot by 6-foot boards, or some other sturdy material to build up the sides so the bowl can sit flat with the handle hanging out the bottom. Align the handle properly, then use duct tape to tape around the pipe where it comes up through the bowl to create a seal so no concrete will leak.

Fill the bowl to the rim with concrete using a slightly running mix of concrete. Make sure the inside elbow extends above the concrete level. Check handle alignment, then allow it to dry overnight.

Pour a slightly liquid concrete mixture into the other bowl until it is full. Place the top bowl that is already filled with hardened concrete on top of the second bowl while the concrete is still wet. Make sure the elbow from the first bowl is well buried into the concrete in the second bowl. Allow it to dry overnight.

Drill four holes, equally spaced around the stone, through the rims of both bowls. Use the machine bolts and nuts to secure the bowls together.

Cut the garden hose to fit over the circumference of the stone. Slit one side of the hose so that it fits over the egde created by the meeting of the two rims in the center of the stone. Use a hot glue gun and adhesive to secure the hose, and cover with duct tape for additional security.


If the handle wiggles, use a metal screw through the handle and the elbow to secure it. Make a full set of 16 stones for an official curling game.


Make sure the handle is aligned properly across the stone when you fill the first bowl with concrete, or you will have to break the concrete out and begin again.