How to Make a Football No-Huddle Wristband

    Open a new file in the Microsoft Excel program. Type up important plays for your offense in this Excel document. Since official play names can be longer, minimize the wording by using clear abbreviations of plays. A running play might be abbreviated 3-SDP (three wide receivers, X-receiver on the slant, Y-receiver on the drag, and Z-receiver to the post route).

    Color-code the plays, with the "color fill" function in the Excel program. You can code pass plays one color and run plays another, or by formation.

    Print the color-coded plays out. You can shift and adjust the plays in Excel, if the plays do not print out well.

    Tape the play sheet onto the wristband, with three or four pieces of clear packing tape. This tape serves as a lamination to attach it to the wristband.

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