How to Make a Homemade Hockey Net Out of Wood


Having a hockey net at home gives you the chance to practice your puck aim in your yard or out in the street. A homemade hockey net should be sturdy so that it does not collapse, which can be achieved by creating a wooden frame. If you really want to get technical with the net, use the same dimension standards that the National Hockey League uses to create a professionally sized hockey net.

Assemble the pieces of wood to construct the hockey net frame. Label the pieces of wood with permanent marker to avoid confusing the lengths. Mark the four 48-inch wooden beams A, the two 72-inch wooden beams B and the four 44-inch wooden beams C.

Lay one 44-inch beam flat on the ground. Place one 48-inch beam on top of it at one of the ends, standing vertically. Hammer the 48-inch beam into the 44-inch beam with nails. Hammer another 48-inch beam onto the other end of the 44-inch beam. Perform the same sequence with the second 44-inch beam and the remaining two 48-inch beams. When this part of the frame is finished, you will have two separate structures that stand 48 inches, or 4 feet, tall.

Flip the structure upside down and place the two 48-inch beams on top of another 44-inch beam. Hammer them together. The 44-inch beam should line up identically to the parallel 44-inch beam on the structure. Perform the same for the second part of the frame.

Use a tape measure to place the two separate structures of the frame parallel from each other, 72-inches apart. The 72-inch wooden beam should fit between the two structures. Lay the 72-inch wooden beam in between the frames on one end. Hammer them in so the beam connects the two structures. Hammer the second 72-inch wooden beam to the top of the same side. Now the two top structures are joined together, and one side of the hockey net frame is open.

Staple netting to the outside of the wooden frame with a staple gun. Drape the netting from the top, working the way around the back of the structure. Do not let the netting fall in front of the wooden hockey net or this will cause the hockey puck to bounce away from the net prematurely.


Use a weighted device, such as a sandbag, to keep the wooden hockey net down on the ground. This will prevent it from wobbling in the wind or being knocked over accidentally.