How to Make Muay Thai Arm Bands

    Measure and cut six lengths of ribbon that are each 3 feet long. The ribbon can be of any color you choose; you can even use different colored ribbon for a multi-colored Muay Thai arm band.

    Lay out all six lengths of ribbon so that their ends are aligned. Measure 5 inches from one end of the ribbons and tie them all together using a simple knot. Clip the ribbons to the clipboard to secure them.

    Separate three of the ribbons to the right and three to the left. Secure the ends of the ribbons you are not braiding using clear rubber bands. Braid the two sections of ribbons so that you have two sets of braided ribbon.

    Tie the left braid and the right braid together, with the 5 inches of loose ribbon hanging down from each side.

    Place the two ends of the ribbon so that the loose ends and knots are aligned. Bring one group of the loose ribbons up and over the other group so it doubles over itself to make a loop.

    Wrap the doubled ends of the ribbons around both groups of loose ribbon two or three times; feed the ends of the ribbons through the loop you have formed. Pull the ends tightly to adjust the knot. The adjustable knot will allow you to easily slide the Muay Thai arm band on and off your arm.

Things Needed

  • Ribbon
  • Scissors
  • Tape measure
  • Clear rubber bands
  • Clipboard

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