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How to Make a Trampoline Screen

Measure around the edge of your trampoline with a measuring tape to calculate the length of nylon netting required. Multiply this by 10 feet in height, which will give you the total area and dimensions of netting you will require to make your trampoline screen.

Position the wooden stakes at even intervals around the circumference of your trampoline and hammer into the ground to around 18 inches in depth. Make sure your stakes are vertical using a spirit level and are as close as possible to touching the outside edge of your trampoline without making contact. This will allow the nylon netting to be fed between the stake and the trampoline edge.

Wrap 3 feet of string tightly around the top of the first stake, running through the edge of the nylon netting. Secure a tight knot around the stake and repeat the process for the middle and the bottom of the stake to ensure the netting is firmly secured to it.

Stretch the nylon netting to the next post so that is is taut, and secure with rope in the same fashion as the first post.

Repeat the stretching and tying process until the nylon netting is secured around the circumference of the trampoline. At the last stake, secure the netting at just the top and middle of the stake to allow access to the trampoline from the underside.

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  • After taking the relevant measurements for the quantity of nylon netting required, increase your total to account for wastage. A general rule of thumb for calculating wastage is to add 10 percent, which will take account of any errors you make in the measuring or cutting of your netting.


  • Make sure you pad the wooden posts to prevent injury. Use sofa stuffing or old cushions, upholstered and fastened to the sides of each post facing the trampoline.

Things Needed

  • 5 x 2 12-foot wooden stakes
  • Nylon net
  • String
  • Hammer
  • Measuring tape
  • Spirit level

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