How to Meet Formula One Drivers

How to Meet Formula One Drivers. Meeting Formula One drivers is no different than meeting any other type of celebrity, especially since they are often revered and worshiped in their home countries. By showing respect and acting accordingly, you should be able to meet and talk to Formula One drivers.

Meet Formula One Drivers

Attend the qualifying heats before the Grand Prix race, which usually take place on Thursdays or Fridays. Pre-race events often have a more relaxed, casual atmosphere with fewer crowds and less security, so you may be able to get closer to the drivers.

Find press conferences and other pre-race functions that are usually held in the days leading up to the Grand Prix. Occasionally, you may be able to find an autograph session during which the public is allowed to mingle with the racers and their crews.

Do a little research and find the drivers' hangouts in each city that hosts a Grand Prix race. You may be able to "tip" a hotel concierge or waiter to learn where the Formula One drivers stay and eat. Be aware that you might run into some locals, however, who are very protective of the drivers, working to discourage the public from meeting them.

Compose an interesting "ice-breaker," or question, that might get a driver's attention while you are in a crowd. If you just yell out a driver's name, she is likely to either ignore you or give you a quick wave as she passes. Formulate an interesting question that shows you are serious and knowledgeable about Formula One, but try to avoid negative or confrontational questions, which may provoke an equally negative response from both the drivers and the crowd.

Win a championship karting race. Sometimes, Formula One racers meet with the champions of high-profile karting races. You may even get the chance to take a photo with a Formula One racer.

Keep the tone respectful, yet objective, if you are able to meet and talk with Formula One drivers. Treat them politely.


Note that Formula One drivers have very busy schedules prior to Grand Prix races. They also have very limited exposure to the public. If you happen to see or meet a Formula One driver just prior to a race, be sure to give him the respect and distance he needs in order to focus.