Mini Cricket Rules


Mini-cricket is a variation of regular cricket designed for children between the ages of six of and eight. Mini-cricket rules are designed to be shorter than regular cricket matches to account for the abilities and attention spans of younger players. The rules for this variation of cricket explain scoring methods, length of matches, regulations for the composition of teams and more.

Rules for Teams

According to the SEJCA rules for mini-cricket teams should consist of eight players per side. Players must be younger than eight years at midnight on August 31st of the year of registration to qualify for Mini-Cricket. Any players beyond eight must be registered as reserve players who are played on a rotating basis each week.

Rules for Batting Side

The rules governing teams at bat specify that each team use eight players for batting. These players are divided into four pairs with each pair facing four overs. There is no limit to how many times a single batsmen may be given out. Batsmen changes ends in batting order when dismissed, at the completion of overs or at the discretion of a coach who wishes to equalize batting time.

Rules for Fielding Side

The fielding side is required to have seven fieldsmen and a wicketkeeper. Reserve players may take the place of fieldsmen but cannot bat or bowl. Bowlers may use either overarm or underarm technique but the use of an overhand technique is recommended. Bowlers are only allowed to bowl for two overs to encourage rotation between players. Teams are also encouraged to rotate players to different fielding positions. Fieldsmen are not permitted to field the ball until it has passed the line of stumps at the batsman's end and fieldsmen may not move until the batsmen has had one swing.

Some Conditions of Play

The boundary for the field of play in Mini-Cricket is set at 25 meter radius from each set of stumps set in an oval shape. The rules dictate a pitch that is measured at 15 meters from one stump to the next and that overs shall consist of six balls. Bowlers who throw the ball are penalized and strikers may only be given out when the ball is successfully bowled and caught.


Scoring in Mini-Cricket is determined by the number of runs scored. Score is tallied by both teams and compared throughout the match. Tallies are also made on the scorecard indicating the outcome of each bowler's performance and if they are dismissed the circumstances of their dismissal are also recorded.