MLB Mascots

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Mascots have been a staple of the MLB since the New York Mets introduced Mr.Met to the world in 1964. While at the time, the idea of a costumed person running was a bit strange, it was a rousing success. Mascots like the San Diego Chicken and the Philly Phanatic would pop up in the following years, making it a MLB mainstay. Now twenty seven teams have mascots, with the only exceptions being the New York Yankees, Los Angeles Dodgers, and Los Angeles Angels. Here are the best of the bunch.

#5: Dinger - Colorado Rockies

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Various MLB mascots

So how does a team from Colorado end up with a colorful Triceratops as their primary mascot. Well, when a 7 foot, 1,000 pound Triceratops skull was found when building Coors Field, it only made sense to honor the prehistoric creature. Dinger is a giant purple Triceratops and his name derives from the slang term for home run, something that happens a lot at Coors Field. Dinger is known for his behind the plate antics towards the end of games in an effort to distract opposing pitchers.

#4: Bernie Brewer - Milwaukee Brewers

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Various MLB mascots

Bernie Brewer is unique because he is one of the only mascots to be inspired by an actual person. He was inspired by Milt Mason, an elderly Brewers fan. Mason was disappointed by the Brewers attendance in the early 1970's so he sat atop the scoreboard at Milwaukee County Stadium until 40,000 showed up to a game. He remained there for 40 days until the Brewers drew a crowd of 44,000 and he slid down a rope. His heroics led to the creation of Bernie Brewer, a mainstay for the Brewers. Bernie is mostly known for sliding down on a slide from his dugout into a splash zone after every Brewers home run and victory.

#3: Wally the Green Monster - Boston Red Sox

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Various MLB mascots

Wally the Green Monster is modeled after the "Green Monster" wall in Left Field at Fenway Park. Wally emerged from the wall in 1997 and has been a favorite ever since. Wally also loves to travel and can be seen across the United States. His most memorable appearances were performing "Sweet Caroline" with Smokey Robinson and Neil Diamond at the Kennedy Center and being in London for the MLB UK Series. Wally also has an ongoing rivalry with Raymond, the Tampa Bay Rays mascot and has committed numerous pranks against him.

#2: Mr.Met - New York Mets

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Various MLB mascots

It feels only right for the original mascot to be in the list. Mr.Met was introduced in 1979 as baseball's first modern mascot. He's a member of the mascot hall of fame and very deservedly so. He is one of baseballs most iconic mascots and his legacy extends far beyond the bounds of Citi Field. Mr.Met has appeared in numerous commercials, TV shows, and is even a spokesperson for the New York Metro. He is known for having a wife in the form of Mrs.Met. She appeared along side Mr.Met during the 1970's before being shelved and brought back in 2013.

#1: Philly Phanatic - Philadelphia Phillies

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Various MLB mascots

Coming in at #1, it's the Philly Phanatic. It should be unsurprising considering he is by far one of the most iconic mascots of all time. He has by far the most wild antics of any mascot and has been attacked twice by members of opposing teams. He was the first member of the Mascot Hall of Fame and one of the only mascots in the Baseball Hall of Fame. He is most known for wildly riding his ATV around Citizens Bank Park and harassing fans of opposing teams