T-Mobile Park, Home of the Seattle Mariners

T-Mobile Park, King County Upcoming 14-Day Weather Report (10/20/2022 to 11/04/2022)

Planning for a visit to T-Mobile Park? Don't let unexpected weather ruin your fun. Here's the weather report for the next two weeks in King County, Washington.

For today's weather verdict, wind is expected to travel at the speed of 1.85 MPH. There will be scattered clouds. Humidity level is 74. During the day, the temperature will feel like 58, and feel like 52 at night. Looking forward to catch the beautiful sunset before the game? Don't miss it at 6:12 PM today.

When did T-Mobile Park open?

T-Mobile Park opened July 15, 1999. The architects were Dan Meis and Dennis Forsyth and the T-Mobile Park architecture firms were NBBJ and 360 Architecture. NBBJ also designed the Amazon campus.

What team plays at T-Mobile Park?

The Seattle Mariners play at T-Mobile Park.

Who owns the T-Mobile Park?

Washington-King County Stadium Authority

What are the T-Mobile Park dimensions?

The dimensions are:

  • Left Field – 331 feet (101 m)
  • Left-Center – 378 feet (115 m)
  • Center Field – 401 feet (122 m)
  • Right-Center – 381 feet (116 m)
  • Right Field – 326 feet (99 m)
  • Backstop – 69 feet (21 m)

What is the T-Mobile Park seating capacity?

T-Mobile Park has a 47,929 capacity. The attendance record is 54,097 for WWE WrestleMania XIX.

How many seats in T-Mobile Park?

There are 47,943 seats in T-Mobile Park. In 2021, the average attendance was 15,012 fans or 31% of capacity.

The ​most attended​ game was against the Los Angeles Angeles with 44,414 fans attending on Sunday Oct 2.

The ​least attended​ 2021 game was against Baltimore with 5,776 fans attending Tuesday May 3.

How much are suites at the T-Mobile Park?

T-Mobile Park advertises per person pricing at MLB.com, the estimated cost is:

Press Box Suite costs between $5,800 and $20,650.

  • 20 to 35 tickets at $70 per person for catering and $220 to $520 per ticket.
  • The cost ranges between $1,400 to $2,450 for catering plus $4,400 to $18,200 for tickets.

Home Plate Suite costs between $5,800 and $15,340.

  • 20 to 26 tickets at $70 per person for catering and $220 to $520 per ticket.
  • The cost ranges between $1,400 to $1,820 for catering plus $4,400 to $13,520 for tickets.

Suites 1 to 7 and 16 to 69 cost between $5,180 and $21,070.

  • 14 to 29 tickets at $250 to $500 per person for catering and $120 to $230 per ticket.
  • The cost ranges between $3,500 to $14,500 for catering plus $1,680 to $6,670 for tickets.

Group Suites A to H cost between $25,800 and $73,320

  • 30 to 52 tickets at $750 to $1,250 per person for catering and $110 to $160 per ticket.
  • The cost ranges between $22,500 to $65,000 for catering plus $3,300 to $8,320 for tickets.

T-Mobile Park has 70 suites. Each with private wait staff and concierge service. Suite ticket holders also have a private entry.

What are the amenities at the T-Mobile Park?

  • Retractable roof
  • First Game Certificates
  • Fireworks
  • Baseball Museum of the Pacific Northwest
  • Mariners Hall of Fame
  • Mariners Team Store
  • Above the home plate entryway is The Tempset, a chandelier made of 1,000 resin baseball bats

T-Mobile Park Bag Policy

  • Clear plastic or vinyl bags no larger than 12” x 6” x 12” are permitted.
  • One gallon clear plastic zip-top bags are allowed.
  • Small purses no larger than 6 inches are allowed.
  • Medically necessary items or diaper bags are also allowed.

Can you bring a Stroller into T-Mobile Park?

Yes, you can bring a stroller into T-Mobile Park. You will need to store with an attendant and fill out your own claim ticket.

Can I bring a Purse into T-Mobile Park?

Small purses are permitted. No larger than 4.5 inches by 6.5 inches.

You can bring clear plastic or vinyl bags smaller than 1 foot.

If you need to bring medical items or diaper bags, those are permitted.

T-Mobile park also requires the child to be present if you bring a diaper bag. Nice try to whoever attempted to skirt policy.

Can you bring food into the T-Mobile Park?

Yes, you can bring food in single-serving sizes. As well, allowed drinks are:

  • Sealed, clear plastic water bottles up to 32oz
  • baby bottles
  • beverages related to medical needs
  • unopened, soft-sided single serve containers like juice boxes

What can you bring into the T-Mobile Park?

You can bring:

  • blankets
  • food, single serving size
  • water, factory sealed
  • empty plastic reusable 32 ounce or less water bottles
  • strollers
  • wheelchairs
  • very small purses, less than 6.5 inches.
  • clear plastic zip-top bags less than a foot
  • banners, less than three feet, subject to good taste
  • baby bottles and unopened, soft-sided, single-serve containers
  • medications
  • fold-up strollers - store under the seat
  • cameras 6 inches or smaller

Where is the T-Mobile Park located?

1250 1st Ave S, Seattle, WA 98134

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What time do the gates open at the T-Mobile Park?

Gates to the T-Mobile Pen open 2 hours prior to game time. Other gates open 90 minutes prior to first pitch.

Can you tailgate at the T-Mobile Park?

No, most people pre-game elsewhere and take the light rail to T-Mobile Park.

Good suggestions are to go visit The Pen or visit a bar in Sodo or Pioneer Square.

How much is T-Mobile Park parking?

Parking in garages is between $10 to $50. You can pre-purchase online. Mariners Garage opens 3 hours prior to game time.

  • Union Station Garage South is the most affordable - $8 to $30
  • Mariners Garage - $25 to $50 for day of game car parking.
  • Lumen Field Garage - $10 to $50

Motorcycle parking is available at a discounted drive-up rate of between $12.50 to $25 per motorcycle.

T-Mobile Park seating map

MLB provides a T-Mobile Park seating map.

Can you pay with cash at T-Mobile Park?

No, T-Mobile Park is cashless. There are 8 Reverse ATMs located:

  • Section 103,
  • Section 116,
  • Section 128,
  • Section 144,
  • Section 226,
  • Section 331,
  • Near The 'Pen,
  • and in the Team Store.

Best bets for T-Mobile Park food

The Pen, inside Center Field gate has:

  • Sushi
  • Burritos
  • Stir-fries
  • Garlic Fries

Hit it Here Café, in right field has:

Marination, near section 119 has Hawaii-Korean fusion dishes.

Catch, by Just Poke, near Section 132

Pure Acai, near Section 132

Fuku, in T-Mobile Pen, is a fried chicken spin-off of the well-known Momofuku Noodle Bar Restaurants

Hotels near T-Mobile Park

  • Silver Cloud Hotel - Seattle Stadium
  • Embassy Suites by Hilton Seattle Downtown Pioneer Square
  • Best Western Plus Pioneer Square Hotel Downtown

Restaurants near T-Mobile Park

  • Paseo - Counter-serve Caribbean joint serving sandwiches
  • Dough Zone - Casual Chinese eatery
  • Slice Box Pizza
  • The People’s Burger