How to Move an Elliptical Trainer

No home elliptical trainer is as heavy as a commercial grade gym machine -- but they can still be pretty hefty. There’s no way to move an elliptical trainer safely with just one person. You’re definitely going to need at least one friend, and having at least two other people to help is ideal. The heaviest end of the elliptical trainer -- where you should station the strongest person or people -- is the front end, where the drive mechanism is located. The frame also tends to be much larger and thus heavier in this part of the machine.

Have a friend grasp the back (lighter) end of the elliptical frame and lift it off the ground. The crossbars the back end of the elliptical frame rests on make great handlebars once it’s up off the ground.

Hold onto the front of the elliptical frame to steady it. This is the heavy end of the elliptical, so unless you’re moving it up or down the stairs, you should leave this end on the ground and simply push the machine. If you have to move it over delicate flooring, see the Tips section for important advice.

Steady the heavy end of the elliptical as you push it and your friend pulls on his end to move it. Try to move the trainer’s back end first; because you’re in control of the heavy end, you should be facing forward and able to see where you’re going.

Go up and down stairs, if necessary, light end first. Recruit a third friend to help you carefully lift the heavy end down one step at a time as your friend at the back end of the machine carefully steadies it from below. If you need to rest, he can raise the light end of the machine to keep it more or less level while the heavy front end rests on the steps.

Adjust the elliptical trainer exactly as you want it in the new position while you still have your friends available to help.


Some ellipticals have small wheels mounted at the front edge of the frame so that once the back end is off the ground you can simply roll them. If your elliptical doesn’t have wheels, it’ll have a solid crossbar instead. Before you move an elliptical with a solid crossbar over hard flooring, lift the front end carefully --you may need one person on each side of it to do so -- and place a sturdy cotton rug or old towel underneath the crossbars. This will help keep the weight of the elliptical from scuffing the flooring. This isn’t necessary -- and in fact should not be done -- if you’re moving the elliptical over carpeting.