How to Fold Up an AB Lounge 2

Few pieces of exercise equipment have achieved the infomercial fame of the Ab Lounge, Ab Lounge 2 and Ab Lounge XL. Each of these models entails a two-piece chair mounted on a folding frame, with a soft "handlebar" at the top for you to hold onto and a foot bar to keep your legs in place. You don’t need any tools to fold the Ab Lounge 2 once you're done working out -- just a bit of care to keep from pinching your fingers as you collapse the parts of the frame together.

Folding the Seat

Lay the unit on its side and unhook the bands from the frame; leave them connected to the seat. Pull the back of the Ab Lounge 2 toward the seat.

Open the Locking Arm

Locate the lock button, on one side of the locking arm that holds the bottom frame arms in place. Press the button and slide it back to unlock the arm, then swing the locking arm toward the front of the unit.

Fold the Bottom Frame

Slowly pull the two halves of the bottom frame toward each other, being careful not to pinch your hands. The bottom frame and collapsed seat/back should lay together flat.

Some Ab Lounge models have fixed handlebars; if that's the case for yours, loosen the knobs holding the handlebars in place and fold them flat against the unit. Your Ab Lounge 2 is now ready to carry or be tucked away for storage.