Novelty Ideas for Drill Teams

Novelty Theme Dances

    One of the most fun novelty drill team ideas in which a drill team can consider participating is the performance of a novelty dance routine. While most drill team practices consist of going over complex choreography for performance or competition, your team can break things up by creating a novelty choreography just for fun, based on a theme or character, such as the '60s or Austin Powers, for example. Perform the novelty dance at a pep rally or intramural game.

Novelty Team Outings

    Teams of any kind should spend time bonding outside of their regular team atmosphere. For a drill team, this means leaving the gym, field or practice facility to spend time as a team doing an activity completely unrelated to drill team business. Such outings have countless potential incarnations, such as going to see a movie, going out for a meal or having a potluck at the coach's house. More elaborate outings could include team go-karting, mini-putting or laser quest.

Novelty Team Activities

    To promote team spirit and ensure team cohesiveness, take time during the drill team's regular season to present novelty team activities that will increase team spirit and motivation. You can engage in these types of activities during regular practice time, which will also serve to let team members know that team togetherness is just as important as proper execution of routines. The best novelty team activities are team-building games that require the team to work together to solve a problem.

Novelty Spirit Tokens

    While fan gear is available at many sports boutiques or school concession stands, drill teams can distribute novelty spirit tokens exclusively to team members. The countless items you can print with your drill team's logo include drill team pencils, water bottles and coffee mugs. Having every team member own a special novelty token will foster a sense of closeness that is imperative amongst members of any team.

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