How to Organize a Little League Baseball Tournament

    Determine how much interest there is in a tournament. Start with your own team to determine the players and parents interest in putting together a tournament. Then, talk to coaches of other teams to determine how many teams might want to participate. Get some idea of their schedules and what dates they might be free.

    See when a playing field is available. You can't have a tournament without a playing field, so see when a field will be free and circle those dates. Contact umpires to see on which of these dates they can be available.

    Pick the best date for your Little League tournament based on all the information you have gathered. Then, pick one more date as a backup plan in case of bad weather. Contact the other teams to let them know when the tournament will be.

    Come up with a set of tournament rules and a bracket for the event. Consult other coaches to get their opinions on some issues, but take the lead to make sure the rules get ironed out in plenty of time and are fair to all teams.

    Get resources to help with tournament rules and advertising from the Little League Baseball website. From the website, you can also find contract information for league officials.

    Plan a meeting for coaches of all the teams involved several weeks before the tournament. Arrange for all the necessities, including water, first aid, food and concessions. Work out the tournament rules, provide brackets to the other coaches and announce the schedules so participants know when to arrive at the field.


  • Ask local businesses to sponsor your tournament. Use any revenue to purchase prizes and trophies.

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