How to Paint a Softball Bat


You can refurbish or completely change the look of an aluminum softball bat by preparing and painting the surface. Storing multiple softball bats in the same bag will often chip away at the finish and leave a bat looking worn. Restoring and customizing the look of a softball bat can improve a player's confidence levels at the plate, which often leads to a better offensive performance. Step on the field with pride in your equipment by applying a new coat of paint to a softball bat.

Spray paint remover on the painted sections of the softball bat. Gently rub the treated areas with a piece of aluminum wool until all the paint has released from the surface.

Rinse the bat under running water and wipe it down with a shop cloth or towel.

Sand the areas where paint will be applied with a fine grit sandpaper. Use medium to light pressure and a circular motion to rough up the surface of the aluminum evenly.

Rinse the bat under running water and wipe it down with a shop cloth or towel.

Pour a few drops of the aluminum coating chemical onto a dry shop cloth and wipe down all the areas of the softball bat where fresh paint will be applied.

Stick masking tape to all the sections of the bat that will not be painted. Cover the rubber grip and plastic end cap if there is one.

Apply two thin coats of epoxy spray primer to the untaped portions of the softball bat. Allow 20 minutes of dry time between coats.

Add two thin coats of epoxy spray paint in the colors of your choosing to create the new design. Using a stencil can help you achieve a precise and uniform look. Allow the epoxy paint to dry for a couple hours until it no longer feels tacky.

Protect the painted areas with three thin layers of clear epoxy spray. Allow each coating to dry for 20 minutes before adding the next layer.

Smooth the clear epoxy layers with a piece of ultra-fine sandpaper. Press softly and move straight up and down the length of the bat until the surface has a polished look and feel.


Protect newly painted softball bats by wrapping them in thick quilted cloth like moving blankets.