How to Tape a Fungo Bat


Fungo bats are a coach's best friend. Coaches toss balls into the air to themselves and use the long, thin fungo bat to hit them for fielding practice. Wood fungo bats get so much use that they tend to split at the grains. Taping the barrel is a good way to prolong the life of your fungo.

Taping your Fungo

Select a bat. Most major manufacturers make fungo models, and they are available in all colors of the rainbow. Many coaches choose to coordinate their fungos with their uniform colors.

About an inch above the bat's trademark, start a line of tape around the barrel. Wrap the tape slowly, being careful to keep the tape moving toward the end of the bat.

Keep the tape taut. Any creases or abrupt changes in pattern cause soft spots in the tape and will effect how the ball comes off the bat.

Finish the first layer. Cut the tape about half an inch from the end of the bat. The entire hitting area should be covered by this first layer.

Apply at least two more layers of tape to your bat. Three or four layers will keep the grains from splitting while maintaining some life in the bat.


Fungos are used to hit balls tossed softly into the air. No amount of tape can prevent a bat from breaking when hitting a thrown ball.