How to Play the Basketball Game Poison

Poison is a fun basketball game that requires all players to be on their toes--not just the person with the ball. Players earn letters spelling out the word "Poison," much like they do in the game "Horse," but this basketball game has more elements to it.

Get the participants together and agree on a shooting order. Have the person who is selected to go first stand at the free throw line with the basketball.

Attempt a shot if you are the first player and standing at the free throw line. If your shot goes in, rebound the ball on exactly one bounce and then shoot again from the spot where you rebounded the ball.

Rebound the ball again on one bounce if your second shot goes in the basket. Take a third shot from the location where you rebounded the ball and attempt a third shot.

Grab the ball on one bounce again if you make your third shirt, and shout "Poison!" Before the shooter yells "Poison," all the other players have the opportunity to run from the basket, but must stop where they are once the shooter yells "Poison."

Stay where you are when you rebounded ball and roll the ball at the feet of one of the other participants. If the ball touches that person's feet, he is awarded the letter P.

Continue play with the next person in the shooting order. She should begin her turn from the free throw line, and proceed as the first shooter did.

Run for the ball if the shooter misses a shot and you are the next person in line at any point during the game. You will need to rebound it on one bounce and attempt a shot from the spot at which you made the rebound.

Award yourself a letter if you fail to make a rebound on one bounce. Eliminate players as they accumulate all the letters in the word "Poison." The last person standing is the winner.